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Does Your Vehicle Need Car Air Conditioning Repair?

Although there are not that many components to the average car air conditioning system, there are still things that can go wrong with them. A list of the most common faults warranting repair is shown below, together with how they may be addressed:

Car air conditioning smell

This is caused in the main by excessive bacteria being present on the air conditioning evaporator and inside the plastic casing usually surrounding it. The degree of smell can range from a mild odour to something really quite pungent. So, how can you rid your vehicle of these odour-causing bacteria? Well, it is often the case that a recharge of the system will do the trick, however, should this not prove effective, it may be necessary to disinfect the system entirely. This can be achieved either on a DIY basis using a commercially available disinfectant aerosol spray, or through professional cleaning using an ultrasonic piezo device.

Car air con leak

There are various methods that can be employed in detecting leaks in the air conditioning system. A special dye can be introduced into this, an electronic leak detector can be used, or even plain water with a foaming detergent can be added (for this the air con must be running and the water added to suspect hose joints). Most repairs to leaks involve the replacement of O-rings, seals or hoses. However, if the leak is present in the evaporator or condenser the repair could prove expensive.

Other car air con problems

Some other things that can go wrong are as follows, although this is not an exhaustive list:
Faulty switches, bad fuses, broken wires, broken fan belt (which will prevent the pump from turning) or a failure of the seal inside the compressor.