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Does Your Vehicle Need A Car Air Conditioning Service?

Any car air conditioning system must be maintained regularly in order to ensure efficient functioning of the system. Among the things that may be checked during the course of the service are the temperature and whether any leaks are present at all, and among any car air conditioning service engineers may evacuate air and moisture from the system, recharge the system to the recommended levels, or make use of an air conditioning cleaner to clear any bacterial build-up that may be present and remove any unpleasant odours from the passenger compartment. The importance of servicing cannot be stressed enough – problems that can arise as a result of neglecting the system can mount up and result in a deterioration of this to the point where an expensive repair bill has to be faced

The two main causes of failure of the system if this isn’t regularly serviced are lack of gas which results from leaks at the system seals and part failure. A low level of refrigerant means a low level of lubricant (contained within the refrigerant itself) – this can lead to seals drying out, therefore losing even more refrigerant and ultimately resulting in a breakdown of the compressor. Effecting a proper repair to a failed system can potentially run into the thousands in cost.

Car air conditioning fitting

Even owning a car which was not factory-fitted with car air conditioning is no longer a barrier to be able to enjoy the luxury that this brings in this day and age, as there are many companies operating in the UK that will retro-fit an appropriate system for your particular vehicle type. This is particularly of advantage to those owning classic cars, for example. Some keen amateur mechanics have even been known to source air conditioning components from local junkyards and custom tailor these to fit their own vehicles.